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Cataract ? Lens Navigator leads you through the IOL- "jungle"

Lens - Navi

During cataract operation the opaque lens is replaced by an artificial lens. The variety of available intraocular lenses (IOLs) offers a variety of possibilities but can be confusing.

For this reason, app4eyes has developed a program (app) with ophthalmological expertise which includes, among other features, the diopter values (spectacles or contact lenses) and the desired refractive result of the operation (for example "no need for glasses für the distance" or "no reading glasses").

The app explains in detail which intraocular lens type is an option based on the given individual data and illustrates the visual impression after the operation using photographs.

The app provides vendor-independent information so that a conversation with the surgeon can take place at eye level. By using the app in time, the patient can develop his decision for an IOL-type.

Lens-Navi (Android)



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